258 Passer River 258

from the Saltaus bridge to the road bridge above the Gilf gorge.

In this section only fly fishing is permitted, with a maximum of 2 artificial flies without barbs. The use of jigs (leadhead nymphs) and streamers is not permitted. Weighting the leader of any kind is also prohibited. From 01.10. until 31.10. Fishing may only be done with a fly rod and a maximum of two artificial flies (dry flies or nymphs) and only rainbow trout may be taken. You should not wade in October to avoid destroying any spawning grounds.

Marble trout and hybrids of marble trout / brown trout protected (TM)
Brown trout (TF) 35cm
Rainbow trout (TI) 25cm
Arctic char (SAF) 25cm
Grayling protected (TE)
Arctic char (SAA) 25cm
Lake trout (TL) 35cm

max. 4 salmonids, of which a maximum of 1 is brown trout. The marbled trout, their hybrids and the grayling are protected in this section all year round - strict ban on taking them!

Fishing is prohibited if the water flow is below 4 m3/s on the day before fishing (6 p.m.). This applies to the entire season. The data can be viewed at https://meteo.provincia.bz.it/...

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Mo.-Fr. 9.00 - 12.15 and 14.45 - 18.45
Sa. 9.00 - 12.15

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