The following documents are required for fishing on our waters:

For guests from other countries:

For persons that residence in South Tyrol:

For Italians that residence outside of South Tyrol:

  • Fishing license of category B and from the age of 16 the corresponding fishing license acquired in another region or province (fishing exam)
  • Day permit or annual permit

Code of Conduct:

Respect for nature and creatures

The modern and enlightened fisherman can be recognized immediately ... He does not wade constantly and unnecessarily through the waters and keeps enough distance to other fishermen. He is aware that his catches are not things, but living beings. Therefore he fishes without barbs, he avoids long drills caused by too thin leaders, he loosens the hook with wet hands and he releases the caught fish without pulling it ashore and without keeping it out of the water for a long time to shoot beautiful pictures. If taken, the fish is killed immediately and processed in a fair manner to be enjoyed later as a naturally grown food. As a user of it, the fisherman is also nature's protector. He leaves no trash and respects or reports observed environmental offenses. Only in this way we can justify our beloved passion in today's society.